Sokoine University of Agriculture through Department of Crop science and Horticulture would like to invite qualified applicant to apply for a short course on Horticultural plant propagation.The course will take place at SUA MOROGORO from 16th-20th,September,2019.Deadline for application submission will be 15th,September.2019.

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Department of Crop Science and Horticulture would like to  remind all Horticulture and Agriculture general students to submit their Field Practical Reports as per SUA guidelines and time .Deadline for submitting reports will be on Monday 2/09/2019 at 12:00 AM.Remember to sign after submitting the document.


From 22nd July, 2019 second and third year students for BSc. Agriculture general and BSc. Horticulture reported and starts their field practical training in their allocated field stations. We are grateful to all stations for accepting and hosting our students. Major stations for field practical were Agricultural Research Institutes, Agriculture district offices; National military services camps, Prisons, Private Agro companies, Non-Governmental Organisation and Sokoine University of Agriculture. Supervisors had already started visiting students to crosscheck the on-going activities.
BSc.Horticulture students at Malembo farm field practical station.
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Supervisor Madam Hekima Mliga pays a visit to Agriculture general students at Coffee Management Service in Mbozi district, Songwe region.



It was honour to be given an opportunity with the University administration to participate Nanenane Exhibition 2019.We appreciates those who visit our Department showroom and we warmly welcome other guests to visit us. It will be our pleasure to see you, save you, share experiences, discuss matters and learn from one another. We are available at Morogoro and Simiyu regions.


Regional commissioner of Shinyanga region Hon. Zainab Telack together with Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS)Hon. .Albert Msovele during their visit at our showroom in Simiyu Region.


Bunda District Commissioner Hon.Lidya Bupilipili during her visit at ourshowunit in  Simiyu.She is among SUA Alumni.

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Field practical training is one among important aspects of undegraduate studies and a requirement for completing degree program course. It provide opportunities for students to experience learning under field conditions and by practices.The overall objective of FTP is to enhance knowledge and skills acquired during in-campus training with actual practical experience outside the campus in order that graduates become competent, productive and industrious upon completion of study for overall betterment of the agricultural systems absorbing them and the economy of the country.
 Specific objectives.
The specific objectives of FPT are to:
1. Expose students to various agricultural production activities for income generation and service
2. Enable students physically participate in different agricultural production activities
3. Enable students interpret and translate various theoretical and analytical aspect of classroom study into actual practice in field
4. Acquit the students with working environments and enable them appreciate constraints in agricultural production and service delivery

During FPT timeand when submitting a report students should follow guidelines as adhered by the University and are attached below.Taketime to read and understand them properly.

click here to download :BSc.Horticulture FPT Guidelines - July 2016

click here to download :BSc.Agriculture General FPT Guidelines - July 2016