Master of Science in Crop Science

This is a two years program organised into one year of course work and one year of research.

General Objective
The general objective of the MSc Crop Science is to produce graduates who can critically analyze and synthesize all matters related to agriculture for sustainable growth of the agricultural industry in Tanzania and beyond.

Specific Objectives
Specifically, the programme is designed to:

  1. Offer a specialized MSc training in agronomy, crop improvement, crop protection and horticulture in order to allow graduates to acquire the skills needed in related fields.
  2. Develop a more professional programme that is easily identified and therefore, creating more job opportunities for the graduates.
  3. Impart practical skills for development and implementation of improved crop productivity
  4. Strengthen competence and practical skills in rural development and sustainable agriculture

Expected Program Learning outcomes
Students who graduate from this programme will be able to:

  1. Apply good agricultural practices and demonstrate technical principles in the agricultural fields
  2. Design laboratory and field experiments, data acquisition, analysis, interpretation and report writing
  3. Capability to manage small- and large scale crop industries
  4. Solve problems in crop production systems using scientific principles and tools
  5. Design, implement an entrepreneurship oriented project for self-employment