Bachelor of Science in Agriculture General

This is a three years program organised into six semesters. The program is a mix of courses that equip graduates with knowledge and skills necessary to work in the fields of crop protection, crop improvement ,General Agronomy and Animal husbandry.

The purpose of this program is to produce competent graduates who are able to integrate agricultural components in farming systems, to identify farmers’ problem and to provide viable technical solutions in the framework of the available resources. The graduates are expected to be conversant with different types of agricultural industries, from the smallholder farmers, cooperative unions to large scale production both in the field and in /greenhouses. Moreover, the graduates are expected to master skills on marketing of agricultural products as well as planning, organization, management and administration of agricultural enterprises. Graduates are highly expected to be self – employed

Expected Program Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme the candidate should be able to:

  1. Improve crop and livestock production outputs and profits.
  2. Build sustainable crop and livestock enterprises in tropical settings.
  3. Apply scientific knowledge relevant to agriculture, management of the natural resources and the environment.
  4. Support farmers and livestock keepers on crop and livestock production.
  5. Implement agricultural research relevant to the needs of the farmers.

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For more information about this program contact the undergraduate studies coordinator or 
Head—Department of Crop Science and Horticulture, 
P.O Box 3005, Morogoro, Tanzania 
Phone: +255-23-2603681 
FAX: + 255-23-2600167 

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