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Bachelor of Crop Production and Management

Graduates from this programme are champion to investment in crop production for sustainable economic growth. The graduate are skilled in using biotechnology, green house/screen houses, drip irrigation and value addition in business as entrepreneurs and employees in agriculture sector.

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture General

This is a three years program organised into six semesters. The program is a mix of courses that equip graduates with knowledge and skills necessary to work in the fields of crop protection, crop improvement ,General Agronomy and Animal husbandry.

Bachelor of Science in Horticulture

This is a three years program organised into six semesters. This program prepares graduates to work in the horticulture sector. The program includes specialised courses on production of fruits, vegetables, spices and ornamental plants production as well as landscaping.

PhD in Agroecology

The purpose of PhD programme in Agro-ecology is to develop human resource capacity that can utilize agro-ecological approaches to address the needs of farmers, traders and consumers.

PhD Programmes

The Department of Crop Science and Horticulture hosts a PhD program specializing in crop improvement, crop protection, agronomy and plant/crop physiology, horticulture, agricultural biotechnology and seed technology.