Seaweed “Mwani” is among the specialty crop taught at SUA to Crop Production and Management  (CPM) students in their second year  of study. The crop is grown submerged in marine water (mariculture) with salinity between 32-36 PPM and pH ~7.8. We usually take our students to the coastal zone where seaweed farms are found. The students visited MSICHOKE GROUP at Mlingotini in Bagamoyo, dealing with seaweed production and processing. At Mlingotini, the students learned different production practices, i.e., site selection, planting, harvesting, drying, and processing products such as Juice, soap, and body jelly.

Group photo: CPM students attended short training on GAP from site selection to harvesting and processing of seaweed.


Photo: Seaweed harvesting
Seaweed species Red algae, ( Eucheuma denticulatum) formerly E. spinosum) and and Kappaphycus alverezii (formerly cotonii)




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