MSc Soil Science and Land Management


Msc Soil Science and Land Management

The MSc Soil Science  and Land Management is a two years programme and includes a number of taught courses in various disciplines of Soil Science. The courses are designed to train the candidates for research and teaching positions in the educational and research institutions, research administration and extension in government departments and parastatal organizations. Formulate and execute research, analyse data and interpret results in the domain of soil science and land management

At the end of the programme, graduates are expected to be able to:

  1. Communicate with professionals and non-professionals on matters related to soil science and land management.
  2. Conduct land capability/suitability evaluation and environmental impact assessment for a wide range of land uses
  3. Handle and assist farmers on matters related to sustainable ways of improving soil productivity and crop production
  4. Employ themselves in agricultural-based and related firms. 
  5. Work independently and in teams and demonstrate professionalism in soil science and land management
  6. Apply aspects of crop production, agricultural enterprise and farm management, sustainable exploitation of natural resources for crop production.
  7. Influence policies and economics related to physical environment, natural resources, climate, and culture on the agricultural industry

Details of the Msc in Soil Science and Land Management programme are available in the information handbook pdf