PhD Graduates

    Photo                   Name                                                                   Research Title                                                                                                                                        Contacts/Adress                   
 A Kalala  Asheri Mwamba Kalala  Optimizing selected macro nutrients and zinc level for rice production in Kilombero district: Implication for appropriate fertilizer recommendation
 Assefa Menna  Assefa Menna  Sulphur status of soils and wheat plants in three representative ares of the central highlands of Ethiopia.   
 Jacob Omolo Jacob Omolo    
   Thomas Nestory Bwana  (2019)  Environmental performance of small holder organic and conventional cotton production systems in Meatu Tanzania   
  Masoud, S. S  Influence of terrain, soil and water inter-relationships on the distribution of plant communities in Jozani Groundwater Forest, Zanzibar, Tanzania.   
 Sibaway Mwango  Mwango, S. B  Effectiveness and performance of indigenous soil and water conservation measures in the West Usambara Mountains, Tanzania.  
  Meliyo J. L Insights into landforms and soils for explaining plague hosts-vectors interaction in Western Usambara Mountains, Tanzania.  
  Shelukindo, H. B  Carbon storage in major soil types of Miombo Woodlands of Kitonga Forest Reserve, Iringa, Tanzania  
 Catherine Senkoro Catherine Justin Senkoro    
 John Tenga  John Jasper Tenga  Optimizing P & K for improving nitrogen fixation and productivity of Bambara groundnuts (vigna subterrania) in south eastern Tanzania  
   Deus Peter    (2012)  Effects of rotation and intercropping cassava with some regumes on cassava growth performance     
  Said Hamadi M  ( On going) Nitrogen and Carbon sequestration in Maize – legume intercropping and rotation in soils of Morogoro, Mbeya, Ruvuma  -Tanzania.
   Steven Merumba Mgeta

MSc Graduates

  Photo                    Name                                                                Reseach Title                                                                                                                                 Contacts/Adress                           
   Asha Ally Hatibu  Assesment of bat guano as source of nutrients for rice production
 Daniel Isdory Daniel Isdory  Prediction of soil salinity spatial distribution and its implication for rice productivity in Magozi irrigation scheme, Iringa, Tanzania.          

 ibra Paul Ibrahim    (2019) Evaluation of maize and rice response to application of urban green biowaste composit at Dakawa in Morogoro Region                                                    
 mfaume Mfaume D. P Effect of liming acid soils to improve physico-chemical characteristics and coffee seedling vigor in Mbozi district, Tanzania.                              
 Zuwena J  Zuwena Jackson  (2019)  Land Evaluation and suitability assesment for crops produced in butuguri area, Butiama District in Mara Region Tanzania
 nakei monica Monica Nakei
   Almas Hamad  Assessing the response of Robusta coffee (Coffea canephora) to nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers.  
 Johari Mohamed Johari Mohamed    
   Fatma Gharib  Evaluation of Minjingu Mazao Fertilizer as a Source of Phosphorus and Micronutrients in Maize and Rice Production, Morogoro Region, Tanzania. Msc Dissertation. Sokoine University of Agriculture  
 Lydia Mhoro 1 Lydia Mhoro  Levels of micronutrients in soils and crops from Mbeya region, Tanzania, as reflection of nutritive value of the crops
 Mawazo Shitindi Mawazo  Shitindi  Responce of tomato (lycoperscon esculentum M.) to cofee pulp compost, Minjingu phosphate rock and coffee pulp – Minjingu rock compost applied to a chromic acrisol
 kisetu e Eliakira Kisetu  Phosphorus sorption by select andisols and ultisols and its bioavailability in Northen Tanzania.
 Steven Merumba Mgeta Steven Merumba  Effects of phosphate rock placement methods and incorporation of organic residues on phosphorus availability and Maize yields in two soils with different phosphorus fixing capacities
 Boniface Massawe Boniface Massawe  Effect of water management systems with different nutrient combinations on perfomance of rice on soils of Mvumi, Kilosa District, Tanzania.
 tindwa Hamis Tindwa
 Nyambilila A A  Nyambilila  A.A
jacob kaingo Jacob Kaingo
 A Kalala Asheri Mwamba Kalala Comparative effects of minjingu phosphate rock and triple super phosphate on residual p in an ultisol   
  Juvenile A Munishi  Pedological characterization and land evaluation for the production of major crops in selected areas of Mbeya, Rungwe and Kyela districts of Mbeya region  
  Eliya Mwangwala    
 Solange Uwingabire Solange Uwingabire  Pedological characterization of soils developed on gneissic – granites in the Congo Nile watershed divide and Central Plateau Zones, Rwanda.
 Leila Mohamed Lwiza Leila Mohamed Lwiza  Assessment of nitrate levels in water and soils for agriculture and human utilization in Singida district, Tanzania
  Scolastica  Kaishwa  Assessment of uranium levels in waterand soils and its uptake by sorghum and sunflower in Singida Urban District, Tanzania.
 Primitiva Andrea Primitiva Andrea Mboyerwa  Characterization of selected gypsites of Tanzania and assessment of their effectiveness as plant nutrient source and soil amendment.
 Lilian Richard Lilian Richard  Fertilizer Micro-dose Recommendations for Maize in Semi-arid Central Tanzania  
 Ikunda Massawe Ikunda Herman Massawe  Effectsof water management systems with differnt nutrient combinations on performance of rice on soils of Mvumi, Kilosa District, Tanzania
 Aswile L M  Aswile Laurent M.  “Performance of a commercial inoculant and rhizobia isolated from soybean growing soils in Mbeya and Morogoro in nitrogen fixation”

 Deodatus Kiriba Deodatus Stanley Kiriba

Effects of commercial chemical and microbiological products in soil on maize growth and yields

 Ester Semfukwe Ester Jimmy Semfukwe  Isolation and characterization of phosphate rock-solubilizing microorganisms from soils and rock phosphate samples of Panda Hill and Minjingu, Tanzania

 Provy Uwitonze Providency Uwitonze  Morphology, physico-chemical properties and classification of the soils developed on volcanic parent materials of Northern Province of Rwanda.
 John Tenga John Jasper Tenga  Land use systems change and its influence on people‚Äôs livelihood in South Eastern Tanzania.  
 Sibaway Mwango  Mwango  S. B  Automated land evaluation for alternative uses in South Western Part of the Uluguru Mountains in Morogoro Rural District, Tanzania.  
   Meliyo J. L  Pedological investigation and characterization in Litembo village, Mbinga district, Tanzania.  
 Tumain Mwasika  Tumaini Mwasyika  Influence of soil fertility on mineral nutritive quality of cereals and vegetables grown on typical soils of Dodoma Capital District, Tanzania
 Gladie Brush Gladness Brush  Effect of frequency and time of sampling on nitrate N soil testing and its relevance in determining N fertilizer rate to apply  
 Alinafe Kachiguma  Alinafe Kachiguma  Effects of lime and phosphorus on biological nitrogen fixation by soybeans (Glycine max (L) Merrill)in an Ultisol, Morogoro, Tanzania