College of Agriculture (CoA) continues to have nationwide, long term research programs, This includes the Bean Research, Rice ImprovementSoil and Water Management Research the and Rock Phosphate Research programs.

The College of Agriculture (CoA) through its network of re-searchers and training staff has links and has technically supported various regional research networks and through teaching, has supported initiation of various postgraduate degree programs in the SADC region.

The College is composed of departments with experienced experts in various fields that complement each other in many ways. This has made it a center for advisory services to various sub-sectors in the economy.


Currently College of Agriculture (CoA) hosts over 100 research projects, which forms about 40% of all the research projects at Sokoine University of Agriculture.A very brief selection presented below gives an idea of the diversity of research areas in the College.

  • Development of Improve Rain fed Cropping System Incorporating Rainwater..Harvesting/Conservation (SUA-DFID)
  • Breeding Rice for Resistance to Rice Yellow Mottle Virus (SUA-NORAD)
  • Bean Improvement (Bean CRSP) Project (SUA-USAID)
  • Dairy Marketing, Processing and Public Health Project (SUA-DFID)
  • Introduction of Dairy Goats in Gairo Division of Morogoro Rural District ..(SUA-ASARECA/CIP)
  • Utilization of Tanzania Phosphate Rock for Crop Production (SUA-DANIDA)
  • Biological Management of Soil Fertility for Small Holder Farmers in Africa (SUA-EU)
  • Sustainable Urban Agriculture in Tanzania (SUA-NIRP)
  • Development of Kapok Fiber as a Complement of Cotton (SUA-NORAD)
  • Development and Application of Local Microbial Straining in the Detoxification and Degradation of Cyanide from Cassava (SUA-NORAD)
  • Socio-Economic Study for Sustainable Development of Ngorongoro Conservation Area (SUA-TAWIRI)