College Board Members

Dr. Geoffrey Mkamilo – Chairperson


  • Mr. Stephen A. Ruvubu – Member, Private Sector (MVIWATA)
  • Dr. Sophia Kashenge – Member, Public Sector (ASA)
  • Dr. Joel Meliyo – Member, Public Sector (TARI Ilonga)
  • Ms. Annadomana Nyanga – Member, Private Sector (Tanga Fresh)
  • Prof. Bernard Chove – Principal, College of Agriculture
  • Dr. Hamisi J. Tindwa – College Deputy Principal and Head, Department of Soil and Geological Sciences
  • Prof. Boniface P. Mbilinyi – Head, Department of Engineering Sciences and Technology
  • Prof. Sebastian Chenyambuga – Head, Department of Animal, Aquaculture and Range Sciences
  • Dr. Innocent Busindeli – Head, Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development
  • Dr. Rashid Suleiman – Head, Department of Food Technology, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences
  • Dr. Abdul Kudra – Head, Department of crop Science and Horticulture
  • Dr. Hadijah Mbwana – Representing Academic Staff
  • Ms. Cecilia Mlimba – Representing Administrative Staff
  • Mr. Omary Mohamed – Representing SUASO
  • Mr. Jackson Nahson – Representing Technical Staff
  • Ms. Josephine D. Lwiza – Administrative Officer
  • Dr. Omary R. Majubwa – Coordinator, Model Training Farm
  • Dr. Ismail S. Selemani – Secretary