Academic Committees Members

PROF. BENARD E. CHOVE – Chairperson / Principal College of Agriculture (CoA)


  • Ms. Josephine D. Lwiza – Secretary/ Administrative Officer
  • Prof. Boniface Mbilinyi – Head, Department of Engineering Sciences and Technology
  • Dr. Innocent Busindeli – Head, Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development
  • Dr. Suleiman Rashid – Head, Department of Food Technology, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences
  • Dr. Hamisi Tindwa – Head, Department of Soil and Geological Sciences
  • Prof. Sebastian Chenyambuga – Head, Department of Animal, Aquaculture and Range Sciences
  • Dr. Abdul Kudra – Head, Department of crop Science and Horticulture
  • Dr. Beatrice M. Kilima – Representing Academic Staff
  • Dr. Siwel Y. Nyamba – Representing Academic Staff
  • Ms. Nyandula S. Mwaijande – Representing Administrative Staff
  • Mrs. Consolata J. N. Mhaiki – Representing Technical Staff
  • Dr. Omary Majubwa – Coordinator, Model Training Farm
  • Dr. Theresia Jumbe – Chairperson, College Postgraduate Studies Committee
  • Dr. Luseko Chilagane – Chairperson, College Undergraduate Studies Committee
  • Dr. Daniel E. Mushi – Chairperson, College Research and Publications Committee
  • Dr. Beatrice Kilima – Chairperson, College Outreach and Publicity Committee
  • Dr. Boniphace Masawe – Chairperson, College Website Content Committee
  • Dr. Winfred Mbungu – Chairperson, College Quality Assurance Committee
  • Prof. Cornelio Nyaruhucha – Chief Editor, TAJAS
  • Dr. Said Mbaga – Coordinator, BACAS
  • Dr. Richard R. Madege – Chairperson, Income Generation
  • Dr. Anthony Z. Sangeda – Chairperson, Field Practical Committee
  •  SUASO representatives