Sokoine AGRI-ENTERPRISE GROUP (SAEG) make their pace

An agriculture enterprise group of twenty-one members from third-year students of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) managed to establish Sokoine AGRI-ENTERPRISE GROUP (SAEG). These are on-campus students who formulate a group with common interests and passions in agriculture. This enterprise serves as a dynamic learning environment that bridges the gap between theory and practice while preparing the next generation of agricultural entrepreneurs.

The group is operating with the latest technologies affordable and best practices that they learn from the class and currently research information concerning the type of intended produce and resources available. The group also considers incorporating organic farming methods, efficient water use, and eco-friendly technologies in their production activities. SAEG is involved in preparing a business plan that outlines its mission while targeting the production process, market, services, and financial projection.

SUA offers a unique platform through SUA STEPS programs for students to apply classroom knowledge to real-world challenges. A group of students with shared agricultural interests, engage in various aspects of the agricultural sector, from crop cultivation, and livestock production to agro-processing activities. These enterprises leverage university resources, including land, laboratories, research facilities, and several benefit from mentorship that nurtures skill development, problem-solving, and ethical considerations. As these enterprises navigate challenges, they contribute to the students’ academic growth, encouraging innovation, and fostering a deeper understanding of the agricultural sector. To impart the required skills in running and managing enterprises, the University established the Sokoine University of Agriculture Skills Training in Entrepreneurship and Proprietorship (SUA STEPS). for undergraduate students to acquire practical experiences in cementing the theoretical knowledge and practical skills obtained from classes.

SAEG is ready to establish a partnership with agricultural experts and industrial professionals for their growth. Engaging in networking and accessing funding opportunities, students gain exposure to industry professionals and potential investors. The group has a mentor to guide students in business planning, provide industry insights, foster networking, and closely support personal and professional development.

Some SAEG members preparing nurseries for horticultural crop production at SUA Incubation Centre. The Sokoine University of Agriculture established this incubation center to support entrepreneurial activities and innovation among the students, alumni community, and other local farmers on a specific arrangement to get these services.


The journey of agriculture entrepreneurship involves learning and adaptation processes as this is a dynamic and evolving sector. Therefore, to expand their reach and gain insight into agriculture enterprises, SAEG is inviting a network with other student groups that possess common interests, agricultural organizations, and other business enterprises.

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Sokoine University of Agriculture

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