Sokoine University of Agriculture announces opportunities for Agro-studies internship in Israel for the year 2020/2021.

Agro-studies internship provides a unique internship training in agriculture, combining advanced studies and hands on ‘learning by doing‘, in various fields. By working in selected farms across Israel, the internees will be exposed to the most enabling and stimulating learning environment that nurtures them to learn and develop skills from the most advanced agricultural practices.

Internees will attend classes once a week at three campuses; Tel-Hai College in the North, Ruppin College and Kfar Silver. In addition, each group will be assigned a tutor to accompany them throughout their internship based on area of study and business plan upon return to Tanzania following completion of their internship. Internees will learn how to manage farm resources: labor, land and capital to ensure high productivity and efficiency of a farm. They will also learn how to manage markets through contract production and ensuring reliable quantity and quality supplies to their customers. Further details on agro studies can also be accessed through:

This is a paid internship, offered on yearly basis. Students will meet their costs of their ticket, tuition fees, meals and accommodation as well as their preparation costs to join the program.

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