For our beloved first year students, as you start this academic journey 2021/2023 you are safe under the wings of DCSH.

The academic journey is not always smooth, therefore you need someone to guide your carrier pathway and advise you on certain matters. Keep calm and meet with your academic advisor.

Academic advisors provide intensive advising support through regular contact with their advisees. Advisors help students explore their academic interests, identify resources for additional information and support, and develop plans of study appropriate for their educational goals. They also refer students to other campus offices for assistance in academic, personal,  career counseling, and academic skills development.


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 “The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Gandhi

DCSH Sports Bonanza was held on 7th February 2021 to strengthen the social bond between the Department of Crop Science and the Department of Soil and Geological  Science. The Bonanza was sponsored by a betting company WIN PRINCESS. We are grateful to our sponsors and we appreciate their contribution to sports and fitness to the youths.

sponsors pic

Various games were performed such as football, volleyball, and rope pulling game. Ladies from BSc. Agriculture general won against BSc.Horticulture in the rope pulling game. In the football game BSc.Agriculture general lost the game to BSc.Agronomy by accepting 4-2 goals scores.On the other game BSc.Agriculture general and BSc.Horticulture drew in the match by a 1-1 goal score. Lastly, the match between BSc.Horticulture and BSc.Agronomy ended up by BSc.Horticulture lost to BSc.Agronomy by 2-0 goals scores making the guest team BSc.Agronomy the WINNER.


Ladies from BSc.Agriculture general before the match, they WON against BSc.Horticulture.

funny pic

Some funny photos after the bonanza.


 “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” – Dean Karnazes

World vegetable summit with the theme power on your plate was held from 25th-28th January 2021 at Gran Melia Hotel, Arusha Tanzania. The main objective was diversifying food systems with African Traditional Vegetables to increase health, nutrition, and wealth.

It was our pleasure to welcome postgraduate students at DCSH for the academic year 2020/2021.

Dr. Richard R.Madege, the Chairman-DCSH postgraduate studies committee, held a short orientation meeting with new postgraduate students in order to elaborate on regulations and guidelines governing the conduct of postgraduate studies at SUA. Although much more prospective master students are expected, on the orientation day, twelve students were present; 10 students taking master degree in Crop Science (various specializations; Agronomy, Crop Protection, Horticulture, and Plant breeding) and two of them taking the newly launched Master degree program in Seed Technology and Business.


Congratulations to all graduates from DCSH 2020

On 18th, December 2020, it was the 36th SUA graduation ceremony held at the Nelson Mandela Freedom Square of the Solomon Mahlangu campus. In the graduation list, the DCSH had the following qualifiers; 2 Ph.D. students, 13 Master degree in Crop Science, 112 and 130 graduates of Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture and Agriculture general respectively.


Master of Crop Science students during the graduation ceremony



AGCSome students from the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture general during the graduation ceremony.


Students of the Bachelor of Science in Horticulture during the graduation ceremony.

Congratulations to Academic and non-academic members of staff for making this happen, be blessed.


Some members of staff DCSH during the graduation ceremony, in the middle Head of Department Dr.Abdul Kudra, followed by Dr.Lilian Shechambo and Dr.Newton Kilasi  (on the right), Madam Caroline Maro and Madam Hekima Mliga (on the left ).

Congratulations, you have made it up the academic ladder. Be bold, be courageous, be your best in your future endeavors. We expect to see you again in the future at DCSH for various missions, you’re warmly welcome.

Final year students BSc.Horticulture and Agriculture general kindly click the links below to find your supervisor for special projects. Please see your supervisors as soon as possible, but also download research guidelines and dissertation preparation guidelines to make your work easy.

We wish you all the best.....!!!


Agriculture General Y3

Horticulture Year 3


“Research is the highest form of adoration”
― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin




It is a great pleasure and honor to announce, that on Friday, December 4th, 2020 our beloved YASINTA BEDA NZOGELA a member of staff at  the Department of Crop Science and Horticulture successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis titled "Characterization of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes and Host Resistance in Rice Production in Tanzania " from Ghent University. It was a long journey of hard and funny moments, hundreds of books, and articles to read, hundreds of hours writing the thesis.

Below is the short story of Dr.Yasinta Nzogela sharing her academic journey 

It's graduation season kindly check your name in the list and in case your name is missing please contact the department  office immediately.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”– Eleanor Roosevelt


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Agriculture General

Horticulture Year