Two laboratories on Crop Improvement are located in the Horticulture building. They are equipped with molecular biology equipment necessary for Genotyping, Marker Assisted Selection (MAS), Gene Sequencing and QTL Mapping

The Crop Museum is 8 ha farm within Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) Main Campus. It is a centre for Agrobiodiversity conservation and agro - ecological intensification. Various crops are produced and sold in an Agri shop located within the the Museum. 

The Horticulture building hosts specialised laboratories on fruits, vegetables and post harvest research. These laboratories are mostly used for teaching and students research.

The Horticulture unit is 15 ha research, demonstration and semi-commercial area located within Sokoine University of Agriculture Main campus. 

A series of specialised laboratories on mycology, virology, bacteriology, seed quality testing are found in the African Seed Health Centre.  These laboratories have state of the art equipment for advanced pests diagnostics.

The tissue culture laboratory is located in the Horticulture building within the main campus. The laboratory has the necessary equipment for in vitro propagation of plants.