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    Field practical training is one among important aspects of undegraduate studies and a requirement for completing degree program course. It provide opportunities for students to experience learning under field conditions and by practices.The overall objective of FTP is to enhance knowledge and skills acquired during in-campus training with actual practical experience outside the […]


  UNIVERSITY EXAMINATION TIMETABLE STARTING FROM 8TH JULY TO 19TH JULY 2019.   Below are links for end of semister Examination Timetable,click to download. Bsc.Agriculture general Year 1 : https://www.sua.ac.tz/examinationtimetable/1STYR/AGEN1.pdf Year 2: https://www.sua.ac.tz/examinationtimetable/2NDYR/AGEN2.pdf Year 3: https://www.sua.ac.tz/examinationtimetable/3RDYR/AGEN3.pdf Bsc.Horticulture Year 1: https://www.sua.ac.tz/examinationtimetable/1STYR/HORT1.pdf Year 2: https://www.sua.ac.tz/examinationtimetable/2NDYR/HORT2.pdf Year 3: https://www.sua.ac.tz/examinationtimetable/3RDYR/HORT3.pdf WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST AND REMEMBER TO ABIDE […]

Congratulation to our new Head of department Dr. Abdul Kudra

All academic and non-academic staffs under department of Crop Science and Horticulture congratulate Dr.A.Kudra for his new appointment as the new head of our Department. Our hearts are melted with joy and happiness to welcome you. We will offer maximum cooperation and help you with love so as to achieve our departmental goals and plans. We […]

Department of Crop Science and Horticulture participates Sokoine memorial week 2019

The Department of Crop Science and Horticulture has participated Sokoine memorial week was held on 9th April to 12th April 2019,at Sokoine University of Agriculture Main campus with a theme “Agricultural productivity and Industrialization for Tanzania’s Development: Lessons from Edward Moringe Sokoine and Prospectus for the future.” During the event many activities were conducted and […]

Crop Scientists Meet Soil Scientists 1

Crop Scientists meets Soil Scientists

The following Photo highligts shows an event when staff from Department of Crop Science and Horticulture met with their fellow staff from Department of Soil and Geological Science to accomplish tasks related to Soil and crop sciences at the university farm and demonstration plots in Sokoine University of Agriculture main campus.