Ms. Zahra Majili

ZahraName: Zahra Saidi Majili; BSc., MSc.

Title: Assistant Lecturer

EmailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Areas of Expertise:

Textiles and Community Nutrition Assessment

Food Consumption Behaviour

Research Interests:

Consumption behaviour, Product development, costume design and construction


Selected Research Projects 

  1. Vegi-Leg project: Implementing innovative processing technologies for nutrient-dense plant foods (African traditional vegetables and legumes) to safeguard perennial nutrition security; PhD student in the project 2019-2021.
  2. Conducting drivers of food choice assessment (Feb-March, 2017) (Trainee, Focus group discussion facilitator)
  3. More-Milk SBCC: Formative research for designing nutrition social behavior (July- August, 2017) -Trainee, Focus group discussion facilitator)
  4. Agriculture to Nutrition (Trainee, enumerator) (November 2016)
  5. Conduction baseline survey for Harnessing Agriculture for nutrition outcome (HANO)-Save the children 2013-consultant team member
  6. Research on Impact of soil elements to food nutrients on improving human consumption through agriculture 2013- consultant team member
  7. SADC-Nutrition assessment short course: offered for SADC delegates 2013- participated as a tutor

Selected Publications 

  1. Chipili G, Msuya J, Pacific R, and Majili SZ (2018). Women Empowerment and the Nutrition Status of Children Aged Between 6-59 Months. Journal of Nutrition and Health Sciences;  5 (3)
  2. Majili, Z. S.; Pacific, R. and Bundala, N. (2017). Nutrient Adequacy of Foods Consumed among Adult Population Residing in Urban Parts of Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. International Journal of Innovative Research & Development. Vol 6 (12); 8-13
  3. Kinabo, P. Mamiro, , N. Dawkins, N. Bundala, A. Mwanri, Z. Majili, T. Jumbe, K. Kulwa, D. Mamiro, N. Amuri, M. Ngowi, J. Msuya (2016). Food Intake and Dietary Diversity of Farming Households in Morogoro Region, Tanzania. AJFAND, 16(4); 11295-11309
  4. Ntwenya JE, Kinabo J, Msuya J, Mamiro P, Majili ZS (2015). Dietary Patterns and Household Food Insecurity in Rural Populations of Kilosa District, Tanzania. PLoS ONE 10(5)
  5. Majili Z and Kinabo J. (2015). Body fat content, distribution and blood glucose concentration among adults population in Ilala Municipality, Dar es Salaam Tanzania. TAJAS Vol. 14(2). 119-128
  1. Majili Z and Kinabo J (2010). Diet related chronic diseases in rural and urban Dar es Salaam. A case study of Ilala Municipality. South African Journal of  Clinical Nutrition,23(3) (Supplement 2): S1-S48