Research, Consultancies and Outreach

Departmental staff are committed to excellence and application of knowledge and expertise in classrooms, laboratories and communities. They are involved in basic and applied research, consultancies and outreach activities in areas of food science and technology, human nutrition and consumer education and protection. Department conducts multidisciplinary research in collaboration with regional and international researchers. Quite a number of research articles have been published by staff in peer-reviewed journals. Among the major research studies conducted includes: 

  • Commercialization of novel sorghum and millet products for improved socio-economic gain in Eastern Africa
  • Development of Tanzanian Food Based Dietary Guidelines and Nutrition education materials for promoting healthy diets
  • VEGI-LEG - Implementing innovative processing technologies for nutrient-dense plant foods (African indigenous vegetables and legumes) to safeguard perennial nutrition security – an East African and South East African country comparison
  • AFRICITY – Adaptability, food security, risk and the right to the city in Sub-Sahara Africa: Towards sustainable livelihoods and green infrastructure
  • Processing, utilization and marketing of cassava products fortified with soybean/cowpea based products for enhancement of nutrition and safety qualities
  • Affordable solar drying technology for various food products (fruits, vegetables, meat and fish)
  • Development of an In-service Training Programme for Nutrition officers at district and regional level in mainland Tanzania
  • Efficacy of low dose ferric sodium ethylene tetra-acetic acid (Fe-Na-EDTA) supplement to reduce anaemia in malaria
  • Improving the nutritional quality of street foods to better meet the micronutrient needs of school children in urban populations in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
  • Nutrition Capacity Building for local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) dealing with People Living with HIV and AIDS
  • Nutrition support for People Living with HIV and AIDS for improving CD8+ and CD4+ cell count to delay introduction of ART/ARV
  • Local and International business collaboration for productivity and quality improvement in dairy chains in Vietnam, Indonesia, Tanzania and Kenya
  • Agriculture to Nutrition (ATONU) - Improving nutrition outcomes through optimal agricultural investments
  • Assessment of the nature and underlying causes of urban food insecurity and malnutrition in Tanzania
  • Prevention and management of emerging diet-related disorders
  • Designing of consumer goods to suit varying socio-economic and cultural perspective of Tanzanians (clothing, footwear, housing and interior design)
  • Fermentation processes and technology for production and improvement of various food products e.g. single and multiple fruits beverages
  • Food fortification (Vitamin A and Micronutrients in Sunflower oil)
  • Development of industrial technologies and processes for small and medium scale companies
  • Cereals, Legumes, Dairy, Meat, Fruits and Vegetables processing technologies for improvement of food quality and safety

The department receives feedback from various stakeholders and as a result provides tailor-made training to small, medium and large scale processors; practical training to SUA-affiliated vocational students pursuing diploma studies; and advisory services related to food and nutrition (e.g. feasibility studies, industrial set-up and layout, evaluation of nutrition-health programmes, nutrition assessment, food safety management, etc.). Academic staff also provide expertise in national and international technical and advisory committees and boards such as Tanzania Bureau of Standards, Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre, etc.