• Dr. Salim, A. Baanda
    Head of Department

Our Vision

To become a centre of excellence in transforming agricultural production technologies in the country and Eastern zone through education, consultancy and research

Our Mission

To promote development in agricultural mechanization, processing and handling of agricultural produce and management of land resource for sustainable agriculture
Welcome to the Department of Engineering Sciences and Technology (DEST)
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Programme Offering

Undergraduate Degree Programmes and their courses or modules.
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Career and opportunities

Graduates from the Department of Engineering Sciences and Technology can be employed in one or a combination of the following areas:
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The goal of the department is to provide the necessary technology, analytical, and managerial skills in the design, construction, operation, management, and maintenance of farm structures, irrigation and water supply systems; design and construction of simple renewable energy sources; and planning, design, and management of agricultural mechanization programmes

Irrigation and water resources

Bio-process and Post harvest

Agricultural Machinery

Land use