A Productive study tour

Published on 11/06/2021

Photo 2 SUA FM RadioPostgraduate students from the Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development (DAECD) conducted several study tours to orient themselves on the practical aspect of information and communication technology. The orientation focused on learning about sources of information; processing and transferring information to the audience; applying different information technologies; storing and communicating information. 

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BCD Students celebrate the Sokoine Memorial Week

Published on 3rd June 2021

A significant number of BCD students had an opportunity to visit the departmental exhibition during the Sokoine Memorial week. The Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development had an opportunity to participate in the memorial week to honor the life and legacy of the late Edward Moringe Sokoine. The memorial took place from 24th to 27th May 2021 at Sokoine University of Agriculture, Edward Moringe Campus (main campus) sports grounds.

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Community Development Association (CDA)

Published on 03th June 2021

The students pursuing Bachelor of Community Development (BCD) conducted the first CDA General Meeting. The students have established CDA (Community Development Association) to promote the community development profession on campus. The students are of opinion that community development, as a practise and professional field, encourages popular participartion.

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BCD students at Msamvu Bus Terminal

Published on 21st May 2021

The first year students pursuing Bachelor of Community Development (BCD) have been engaged in a number of activities. On 8th May 2021, they, through Community Development Association (CDA), visited Msamvu Bus terminal to do some general cleanliness. 

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