Call for 2020 TSAEE Conference and Papers

Published on 28th September 2020

The Tanzania Society of Agricultural Education and Extension (TSAEE) is a professional association with membership from across academia,  Civil Society, public servants, the general public, and individuals. It regularly meets on annual basis to deliberate on policy and technological issues related to extension services and farmer empowerment. In its annual meeting in 2019, it drew an audience of 500 participants from many districts in Tanzania with support from partners including; Members (extension officers), Sokoine University of Agriculture, PORALG, Ministry of Agriculture, One acre fund, and Farm Radio. This year the conference will be held from 7th to 8th December 2020 in Dodoma. It is planned to be attended by representative extension officers from all regions and districts in Tanzania, Agriculture Sector Lead Ministries (ASLM), Sokoine University of Agriculture and Civil Society Organizations, farmers and pastoralists. The overall theme of the conference is the Contribution of Agricultural extension towards industrialization in Tanzania. Details of the conference including contact persons and fees can be accessed by clicking [here]