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Enhanced preservation of fruits using nanotechnology (CIFSRF Phase 2)

Prof. M. Mwatawala (PI)
Prof. T. Msogoya

  1. Test pre- and post-harvest applications of “Enhanced Freshness Formulation”, a combination of hexanal and anti-oxidants, in sprays and dips for extension of fruit retention and improved shelf-life of treated fruit.
  2. Test exposure of fruit to hexanal as a vapour for longer post-harvest shelf-life.
  3. Develop hexanal impregnated biowax, bio-nanoparticles-based sachets and packaging materials for maintaining freshness of fruit during packaging and shipping.
  4. Assess risks from hexanal-based nano-applications.
  5. Develop and implement a marketing strategy to ensure that applications reach a large number of small-holder producers.
  6. Monitor socio-economic impacts on small-scale and marginal fruit growers, particularly women engaged in post-harvest operations





January 2015 - December 2018







Commercialization of sweetpotato planting materials in drier areas

Dr. G. Rwegasira (PI)
Mr.Mahamoud Libembembe (DAICO-Gairo)

  1. To train multipliers in general farm business management.
  2. To enable vine multipliers in Uganda and Tanzania to multiply and sell improved varieties in addition to their landraces, and use improved methods of production.
  3. To link multipliers together and to research institutes, allowing better flows of information.
  4. To use the outputs and outcomes from the above objectives to show the benefits to other projects/managers of using vine multipliers in variety development and dissemination.



January, 2013 – December, 2016


GATES Foundation through University of Greenwich


Fast-tracking the access to popular and improved varieties of root crops by small holder farmers: a case of sweetpotato and cassava

Dr. Kiddo Mtunda, MAFSC (PI)
Dr. AverinaLukonge (Co-PI)-Tanzania component;
Dr. G. Rwegasira, SUA (Co-PI-Agronomy)
Dr. GorretteSsemakula, NACRRI; Co-PI-Uganda component

  1. To increase knowledge on agronomic practices and seed systems
  2. To enhance access and adoption of preferred and improved sweetpotato varieties by farmers
  3. To create awareness on nutritional education and to increase consumption and utilization of sweet potatoes                    and their by-products among household members
  4. To improve popular dishes consumed using OFSP as a reference crop for dietary diversification
  5. To scale up the activities to cassava based on experiences gained from implementation of the sweet potato                    project
  6. Enhance project governance and resource mobilization for the dissemination of cassava varieties and scaling up




January, 2015- December, 2018




GATES Foundation


Use of Eclipta alba as seed treatment technology for sorghum and millet

Ole Lund (PI Denmark); Kusolwa PM, (PI-SUA), Ernest Mbega (ARI Ilonga,); R.B. Magagala (SUA),

  1. Optimization of the concentration incubation period for E alba treatment in sorghum seeds
  2. Characterization of efficacy of E alba for seed vigour and pathogenic inhibition in sorghum seeds
  3. Field trials evaluation of E alba of increase of productivity and yield in sorghum and millet in the dry lands
  4. Diversity study of E alba in Tanzania and association to pathogen inhibition and induced plant vigour


January 2014 – December 2017


EU via University of Copenhagen


Integrated Management of Bean Bruchids in common beans (P. vulgaris)

P. Kusolwa (PI)
S. Msolla (SUA)
M. Mwatawala (SUA)
A. Mwakalobo (SUA)
G. Kananji (Malawi)

  1. Incorporate bruchid resistance into farmers preferred varieties of beans
  2. Develop Integrated bruchid management strategies with inclusion of genetic resistance
  3. Characterization of mechanism of bruchid resistance in selected landraces
  4. Participatory field evaluation for resistance and yield trials of bruchid resistant varieties
  5. Incorporation of foliar disease resistance into bruchid resistant lines of FPVs common beans.
  6. Release and delivery arrangements of bruchid resistant varieties



August 2013 – September 2017



McKnight Foundation


OPTIONS – pesticidal plants for protection of storage pests in legumes

Kusolwa PM (PI)
Mwatawala M. (Co-PI)

  1. Optimization of pesticide plants outreach and networking
  2. Increase awareness and utilization of pesticide plants in farmers house holds
  3. Develop policy for utilization and production of pesticidal plants in control of pests
  4. Optimize propagation methods of pesticide plants


January 2014 – December 2016


EU via Univ of Greenwich


Improving farmers income through increasing orange marketable yield, quality and farmers’ access to niche markets

Prof. T. Msogoya (PI)
Dr. D. Mamiro
Dr. E. Mgembe
Dr. H. Mtui
Mr. F. Senkondo
Mr. G. Rwezaula

  1. To reduce postharvest losses of fresh oranges through improved handling practices.
  2. To increase productivity and quality of oranges under small-scale farming.
  3. small-scale farmers
  4. To increase farmers’ profit from oranges through improving marketing systems.



July 2012 - June 2016