Thematic areas

Selected publications


Development, dissemination and adoption of improved  varieties of field and horticultural crops



Development, evaluation and dissemination of integrated crop and pest  management technologies                                          

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  4. Mwatawala M., Maerere, A., Makundi R.H. and De Meyer, M. (2010). Seasonality and host plant preference of Bactrocera cucurbitae in Central Tanzania. International Journal of Pest Management 56(3): 256-273.
  5. TheodosyJ. Msogoya and Delphina P. Mamiro, Hosea Mtui and Gration M. Rwegasira. Effect of the weaver ant on orange fruit fly-inflicted postharvest losses in small-scale orange farming systems in Tanzania. Journal of Agricultural Sciences. In press.


Development of improved technologies for seed/ planting material   production and dissemination systems                 




Reduction of postharvest losses and improvement of storability of perishable and non-perishable horticultural and field crops



Development of strategic capacity to enhance research improvement