Prof. Filbert Bartazar Rwabulala Rwehumbiza


Name:  Filbert  Bartazar Rwabulala Rwehumbiza 

Contacts:       Mobile: +255 789 057419 & +255 784 931818,

                         E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Full Professor with Dip in Crop Science, BSc in Agric majoring in Soil Science, Postgraduate Dip in Soil Science, MSc in Soil Science Soil –specializing in Soil Physics and Plant water Relationships, PhD -Modeling Soil and Atmospheric environment affecting plant growth.



TEACHING: Teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students: Courses taught include Soil Physics, Soil Conservation, Climate Change and Climate Smart Agriculture, Soil-Plant water relationship, Agricultural meteorology, Dry lands Management, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Agriculture, Applied Soil-Water-Crop Modelling, Land Husbandry and Conservation Agriculture, Rainwater Harvesting, Farm and Agronomic Enterprise Skills, Agronomic Research Skills, Computing and computer applications.


 RESEARCH: Conducts research in the field of soil science and related subjects, (soil science, agronomy, soil and water resource management and agro meteorology. climate smart agriculture), Supervision of BSc (42) projects , MSc students (15), field practicals, research projects; Supervision of PhD students' research (10); Consultancy, extension and outreach activities in the field of agriculture and related sciences (e.g. soil and water management; adaptation to climate change, climate smart agriculture, promotion of SRI and soil fertility in the systems, Rain water harvesting technologies including Crop production under semi-arid environment.


Head, Department of Soil Science (2011 to 2014); Deputy Team Leader and Co-ordinator of Operations for Soil -Water Management Research Group (SWMRP) at SUA - (2001 to 2017); Coordinator: Students Records and Examination Records  - Faculty of Agriculture (1997-2008); Board Member-Faculty Board (Faculty of Agriculture-SUA (1997-2008, 2011 -2014); Senate Member- University Senate – representing University Professors (2002-2005), and as Associate Dean (2005-2008); Associate Dean-Faculty of Agriculture-SUA (2005-2008), Treasurer-Soil Science Society of East Africa (1997-2000, 2002-to 2008), Chairman for Tanzania Chapter-Soil Science Society of East Africa (2008-2012).PROJECTS: Participated in 27 projects serving as PI in six of them. Member of the Soil Water Management Research program at SUA and served as its Coordinator of Operations for 16 years. Some of the implemented projects include:


Participated in 27 projects serving as PI in six of them. Member of the Soil Water Management Research program at SUA and served as its Coordinator of Operations for 16 years. Some of the implemented projects include:

  • Nitrogen bio-fortified and pelletized commercial grade organic fertilizer made from urban bio-waste to improve soil productivity and livelihoods of smallholder. ICIPE funded 2018 to 2020 - Deputy Project leader
  • Advancing Soil Health In Africa: a Regional Msc Program in Soil Science and Water Management AGRA funded 2013 to 2020 Project Coordinator.
  • Boosting smallholder farmer household food security and incomes through application of SRI technologies for sustainable rice production under conditions of changing climate. AICAD funded 2014- 2017 Project leader
  • Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture and Water Resources in the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) (IDRC funded) (2011-2014) Research team member + Deputy Project leader
  • Water Harvesting Technologies Revisited: Potentials for Innovations, Improvements and Upscaling in Sub-Saharan Africa (EU funded) WhaTeR 2011-2013 Research team member
  • Climate Change Adaptation for Africa (CCAA) (IDRC+DFiD funded) (2007-2011) project Research team member + Deputy Project leader
  • Small System Innovations in smallholder Strategies of water for food and environmental security in drought prone tropical and subtropical agro-ecosystems (Tanzania and South Africa)-Multinational Project- Tanzania Project Leader (2003-2007)

Publications: Published 30 journal papers in international peer reviewed journals, 10 book chapters, 6 books- 5 co-authored, 29 proceeding papers, edited 6 scientific conference proceedings, 12 consultancy reports, and 12 scientific technical reports.


  • Ikunda H. Massawe, Balthazar M. Msanya and Filbert B. Rwehumbiza (2017) Pedological Characterization and Fertility Evaluation of Paddy Soils of 5 Mvumi Village, Kilosa District, Tanzania,  International Journal of Current Research in Biosciences and Plant Biology Volume 4 Number 4 (April-2017) ISSN: 2349-8080 (Online) Journal homepage:
  • Ikunda H. Massawe, Filbert B. Rwehumbiza and Balthazar M. Msanya, (2017): Effect of Water Management Systems with Different Nutrient Combinations on Performance of Rice on Soils of Mvumi, Kilosa District, Tanzania. International Journal of Current Research in Biosciences and Plant Biology Volume 4 Number 2 (February-2017) 34-44 (2017), ISSN: 2349-8080 (Online) Journal homepage:
  • Darwin Dodoma Singa, Siza Donald Tumbo, Mahoo Henry Fatael, Rwehumbiza Filbert and Lowole Maxon, (2016) Decision Support System for Runoff Water Harvesting and Irrigation. Journal of Experimental Agriculture International, 14(6): 1-18, 2016; Article no.JEAI.24749-Previously known as American Journal of Experimental Agriculture. ISSN: 2231-0606, SCIENCEDOMAIN international.
  • Lemma Wogi, J. J. Msaky, F. B. R. Rwehumbiza and Kibebew Kibret, (2015): Phosphorus Adsorption Isotherm: A Key Aspect for Soil Phosphorus Fertility Management.  American Journal of Experimental Agriculture. 6(2): 74-82, 2015, Article no. AJEA.2015.066.  ISSN: 2231-0606, SCIENCEDOMAIN international,
  • Lemma Wogi, J. J. Msaky, F. B. R. Rwehumbiza and Kibebew Kibret, (2015): Status of Selected Properties of Soils under Crop-Livestock Farming System in Eastern Ethiopia.  International Journal of Plant & Soil Science, 4(2): 114-123, 2015; Article no.IJPSS.2015.012, ISSN: 2320-7035, SCIENCEDOMAIN international, www.sciencedomain.or.
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BOOKS: (some~)

  • Rwehumbiza, F.B.R, (2011) Seed and soil physical conditions affecting establishment of crops: Challenges, Solutions, New techniques. 184pp LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, GmbH& Co. KG. Saarbrücken, Germany, ISBN 978-3-8433-8228-1. Available at 978-3-8433-8228-1. Amazon Distribution GmbH, Leipzig.
  • Rwehumbiza, F.B.R, and Mahoo, H (2002). Mbinu mbalimbali za kuvuna maji ya mvua 22 pp. Published by UKULIMA WA KISASA-Dar es salaam (ISBN 9987-681-02-6), Adopted by African Institute for Capacity Development (AICAD) Nairobi, as a training manual and is being used in its training courses in East Africa- (Kiswahili version) + (English version-Water Harvesting Techniques: the above item revised and published for the INTERNATIONAL WATER MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE (IWMI), Africa Region Office- Pretoria South Africa.)


  • Tumbo, S.D., Mbilinyi, B. P., Rwehumbiza, F. B and K. D. Mutabazi. 2010. Economics of Climate Change for Agriculture Sector in Tanzania: Adaptation Options and their Costs. Accessed November 28, 2010 at
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  • Soil Science Society of East Africa (SSSEA
  • Tanzania Meteorological Society (TMS).


  • 2013 Best Performing employee in the Department of Soil and Geological Sciences for the Year 2013 –Dept of Soil Science
  • 2003    JICA- Scholarship to study Facilitation at the African Institute for Capacity-  AICAD (2weeks), NAIROBI
  • 2003 Australian Government (CSIRO) Scholarship to study Management of Agricultural Research (6 weeks) (University of New England- Australia)
  • 2001 -2007      DfiD Grant to serve as a resource person in Statistics In Agrometeorology Course-SIAC -at the Institute of Met Training and Research- - NAIROBI
  • 1996    Rockefeller award to study crop modelling at CMRT-Egerton University Kenya