Mr. Alphonce Christian Mgina (Dip)

NAME:     Alphonce Christian Mgina

CONTACT:  Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.         Mobile :0755063664/0655063664.



I am a laboratory technician holding diploma in laboratory science and technology

I have experience working in laboratories at Coca cola, Mbeya cement as field practical and Mbeya Urban Water Supply as volunteer (2013-2014) in Mbeya region.

The activities I deal with are.

  1. Soil, water, plants, manures, fertilizers and some microbiology sampling.

     2 .Soil, water, plants, manures, fertilizers nutrients analysis and microbial analysis.



Primary Education: Magoda primary School(1990-1996).

Pre-form one (English Course): Matola Seminary (1998).

Secondary Education: St. Joseph Seminary & Meta High School(1999-2005).

College: Arusha Technical College (2010-2013).



Laboratory Technician at Sokoine University of Agriculture.

Department Soil and Geological Science.

I am a technical assistance on teaching undergraduate practical courses of

Soil chemistry and Soil Microbiology in agriculture.