Prof. John Joseph Msaky

Name: Prof. John Joseph Msaky
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Department of Soil and Geological Sciences
P.O. Box 3008, Morogoro, Tanzania
Prof. Msaky J.J. is a Soil Scientist with vast experience in research teaching and outreach activities in Soil Chemistry, Soil Fertility and Environmental Pollution. He specializes in Soil Chemistry teaching both undergraduate & postgraduate courses at SUA. Prof Msaky is a retired Professor with a long career at SUA for the last 46 years. He has done Research work in general Agronomy including maize, paddy, beans, in Soil chemistry with alternative sources of plant nutrients, chemistry of heavy metals in various ecosystern, soil fertility including fertilizers for various crops and in various agro-ecological zones. He has puolished in various refereed journals, conference proceedings and brochures for extension uses. He has carried out consultancy work for various organization including DANIDA, IFAD, SADC, Tanzania Government and various clients within the country. Prof. Msaky has been an examiner to many MSc and PhD students in and outside the University. He has also been an active member of the Soil Science Society of E.A as a Member, Regional Chairman and Treasurer for many years.


PhD in Soil Science at University of Paris VI

DEA in Soil Science at University of Paris VI and INA-PG.

MSc in Soil Science at University of California, Berkeley Agric General at the University of Dar-es-Salaam

Certificate in French at Universities of St. Etienne & Clermont Ferrand


Teaching at SUA:

Fundamental of Soil Science to BSc Environmental Science

Introduction to Soil Science to BSc Agric General, BSc Horticulture, BSc Agric Engineering, BSc Animal Science, BSc Range management, BSc .Applied Extension and BSc. Education- with Biology & Agriculture.

Soil Chemistry to BSc Agronomy.

Advanced Soil Chemistry to MSc. Soi Science & Land management. Environmental Pollution to BSc Agronomy .

Salt affected soil to MSc Soil Science & and Management

General Chemistry to BSc Agric General, BSc Food Science & Technology, BSc Vet. Medicine.

Supervision of Undergraduate/Postgraduate students:

Professor Msaky has Supervised many undergraduate students (BSc Agronomy, BSc Agric General) and MSc in Soil Science & Land Management in areas of Soil Fertility, Soil Chemistry, Environmental Pollution and the Chemistry of heavy metals in various Ecosystems.

He has also supervised various PhD. Students mainly in Soil Science


Selected Publications:

Dismas P. Mfaume, Balthazar M. Msanya and .John J. Msaky (2019): Pedological Characterization and Fertility Assessment of Mbimba Substation Soils under Coffee Production in Mbozi District, Tanzania. Int. J. Advances in Scient. Res. And Engineering 5(10):177-192

Kaishwa S. J, E. M. Marwa, J. J. Msaky and W. N. Mwakalasya (2018) Uranium natural levels in soil, rock and water assessment of the qua ity of drinking water in Singida Urban District, Tanzania J. Water and Health (2018) 16 (4): 542-548.

James S. Dolo, Susan Nchimbi. and J .J. Msaky (2016): Genotypic and phenotypic evaluation of the responses of eight rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes to varios concentrations of NaCl. J. Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare 6(16):7 -13

James. Dolo, Susan Nchimbi and J.J. Msaky (2016): Salinity stress effects on some morphological traits of selected rice (Oryza sativa I.) genotypes, Int. J. Develop. and Sustainability 5(2): 74-86

Jacob 0. Omollo, E. Semu, J. Msaky and Philip Owuor (2016): Efects of cropping systems and agricultural lime on soil properties and nutrient uptake by sugarcane on acidified soils of Kisumu County, Kenya. Amer. J. Agric and Forestry 4(4).97-111

Jacob 0 . Omollo, E. Semu, J. Msaky and Philip Owuor (2016): Effects of cropping systems, lime placements methods and rates on sugarcane yields and quality under acidified soils of Kibos, Kenya. Int. J. Plant and Soil Sci. 12(3):1-13

Jacob 0 . Omollo, E. Semu, J. Msaky and Pi1ilip Owuc:r (2016): Effects of lime and N on properties of an acidic soil and nutrient content of sugarcane under sugarcane-soybean intercropping in Kenya. Amer. J. Expt. Agric. 13(6): 1-15

Adam U.K., Jerome P. Mrema and J.J. Msaky (2015): Fertility status andd suitability assessment of soils for the production of maize at SMC campus farm, Morogoro Tanzania Advances in Research 5(2): 1-12

Adam U.K., Jerome P. Mrema and J.J. Msaky (2015): Growth, nutrient uptake and dry matter yield of maize grown with different levels of organic and inorganic fertilizers in Morogoro, Tanzania. Int. J. Plant and Soil Science 7(4): 246-255

Adam U.K., Jerome P. Mrema and J.J. Msaky (2015): Physical, chernical and pedological characterization of the soils of SMC campus farm, SUA Morogoro. Int. J. Plant & Soil Sci, 7(5): 284- 296

Adam U.K., Jerome P. Mrema and J.J. Msaky (2015) : Morphological and physical properties of four soil profiles developed on basement complex in :Southwestern Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Int. J. Eng. and Science 3(5): 67-73

Lema Wogi; J.J. Msaky; FBR Rwehumbiza and Kibebew Kibret (2014): Status of selected Properties of soils under Crop-Livestock Farming system in Eastern Ethiopia: Int. J. Plant and Soil Science 4(2): 114-123

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