TAJAS Volume 18 (June 2019) is now out

The Tanzania Journal of Agricultural Sciences (TAJAS), volume 18 is now out. The volume has the following content

  1. Economic Efficiency Analysis of Dairy Farmers Participating in Dairy Market Hubs in Tanga and Morogoro regions, Tanzania
  1. Increased Productivity in Tanzanian Cattle is the Main Approach to Reduce Methane Emission per Unit of Product
  1. Weather Related Challenges and Transitory Food Insecurity in Semiarid Mixed Crop-Livestock Systems in Manyoni District, Tanzania
  1. Determinants of Yam Production and Resource use Efficiency under Agroforestry System in Edo State, Nigeria
  1. Technical Note on Promoting Integrated Soil, Water and Nutrient Management Technologies in Southern Highlands Zone of Tanzania