Consultancy Assignment Management

Initiation: This is done through discussions of the perceived need of the client between BACAS Executive Coordinator and one of client senior staff. This initial review of the clients' area of need provides information upon which a formal proposal is developed by BACAS. The proposal includes a statement of the problem, the terms of reference, the objectives, an outline of the recommended work, qualifications of resource persons, the expected results and an estimate of assignment time schedule and budget.

Team Formation: Resource persons and consultants to make up the team are selected by a meticulous process which takes into consideration not only the individual's experience, professional qualification, suitability and availability for the assignment, but also the individual's commitment to work for the client. Where the appropriate person is not available from within the University, BACAS will recruit persons from outside or form a consortium with other firms in order to carry out the assignment(s) successfully. Orientations are conducted for team members where terms and provisions of the assignment contract are examined and discussed. Procedures, job descriptions, requirements for reporting and personal contracts are developed.

Field Team Management: Each assignment involving more than one resource person will have a Team Leader to provide coordination of assignment activities of all team members. The team leader provides consistent planning, progress assessment and timely evaluation of the assignment implementation. This is achieved through regular contact with BACAS home office and clients' appointed assignment liaison person. An effective and concise reporting system is used to make certain that assignment activities are reported on timely basis.

Production of Contract Completion Reports: BACAS assignment teams have access to vast micro-computer systems, many of them with personal desk and laptop computers. BACAS facilitates easy access to the many databanks which have been developed for use in agriculture and agro-business. BACAS has  software with data processing capabilities based on the unique needs of the agricultural sector. Software applications include a wide variety of statistical programmes, financial analysis, remote sensing, photogrammetry and satellite data interpretation, computer graphics, spread sheets and database managers.

Key Resource Persons
BACAS maintains a current roster of over 300 resource persons and associates whose credentials are carefully screened and continually updated. Additional resource persons are obtained from contacts with other institutions and industry.