Bureau for Agricultural Consultancy and Advisory Service (BACAS) was established in 1991 by the former Faculty of Agriculture which in early 2016 was transformed into the College of Agriculture, as an agency to handle consultancy and advisory services, short courses and contract research.

As such, since early 2016 BACAS operates under the newly established College of Agriculture within the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Morogoro, Tanzania.

The Sokoine University of Agriculture is unique among universities in East, Central, and Southern Africa. It is the first university specializing in agricultural sciences in the region. Its graduates and members of staff are providing leadership in the development of agriculture and related fields in Tanzania and elsewhere in the Eastern and Southern Africa sub-region.  

The College of Agriculture is the largest in the University. It is also the largest centre in the SADC for training, research and professional expertise in agriculture and agro-industrial development.

The College is composed of a multi-disciplinary group with specialists in nearly all aspects of agriculture. In addition to its pool of professional and support staff, the College also has laboratories for the analysis of soils, foods and animal feeds.

Further to these, the existing links with other local and international institutions greatly strengthen the capabilities of the College of Agriculture to undertake various technical assignments.

The main objective of the consultancy and advisory program of the College of Agriculture is to ensure that the expertise and resources of the College are fully utilized in offering high standard consultancy and advisory services as well as professional development training and research services in Tanzania and in the Eastern and Southern Africa region. 

BACAS has full access to the extensive facilities and human resources of the College and those of the University in general. This ensures that fully qualified personnel, up-to-date information and techniques, and modern facilities are available to projects being implemented leading to well researched outputs which are produced expeditiously and efficiently.

The depth and breadth of expertise of the College of Agriculture at SUA, in agriculture, agribusiness and related industries, is unmatched in the Eastern, Central and Southern African region. This strength enables BACAS to undertake projects in in agricultural, rural development, agribusiness and agro-industry, ranging from small-scale local enterprises to national and regional development programs.

The strength of BACAS is  in its  ability to collect and analyze information , and in providing training in, among other areas,  agricultural development and conservation of the environment.