Happiness Samuel Muhimbula

HappinessName: Happiness Samuel Muhimbula;  BSc, MSc, PhD

Title: Lecturer

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Areas of Expertise: Maternal and Child Nutrition, Food and Nutrition Security, Nutrition Management in Disaster and Emergencies; Nutritional Biochemistry

Research interests: Child Nutrition, Therapeutic Foods,  Complementary Foods, Farming Systems for Nutrition


 Selected Research Projects

  1. AGRIDIET - The contribution of agriculture to nutrition: Developing the Evidence Base in Ethiopia and Tanzania 2012 – 2016
  2. Exploiting market opportunities for value added dairy products- a project funded by Association for Strengthening Research in East and Central Africa- ASARECA. Some important aspects in the project include the implementation of milk feeding programme to some selected primary schools in Morogoro municipality.
  3. Investigator under the study on “Assessing the Availability, Functioning and Quality of Nutrition Services in Primary Health Facilities in Tanzania” contracted by Sikika Tanzania which a  descriptive cross section survey design within 3 districts in Tanzania.

Selected Publications

  1. Muhimbula, H., Kinabo, J. and O'Sullivan, A., 2019. Determinants of infant nutrition status in rural farming households before and after harvest. Maternal & child nutrition, p.e12811
  2. O'Sullivan, A., McNamara, A., Muhimbula, H., Massawe, G., Mtingele, A., O'Connor, D. and Kinsella, J., 2015. Food security and nutrition status of mothers in nutritionally vulnerable regions of Tanzania. 149/1029. Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism67.
  3. Msollo, S.S., Chivaghula, T.J., Muhimbula, H.S., Krawinkel, M. and Kinabo, J., 2016. Overweight and obesity among adults in same district, Tanzania. Tanzania Journal of Agricultural Sciences15(2).
  4. Muhimbula, S. H., Issa-Zacharia, A., and Kinabo, J. (2011). Formulation and sensory evaluation of complementary foods from local, cheap and readily available cereals and legumes in Iringa, Tanzania. African Journal of Food Science, 5(1):26-31.
  5. Muhimbula, S. H., and Issa-Zacharia, A. (2010). Persistent child malnutrition in Tanzania: Risks associated with traditional complementary foods (A review). African Journal of Food Science, 4(11):679-692.
  6. Issa-Zacharia, A., Kamitani, Y., Miwa, N., Muhimbula, S.H., Iwasaki, K. 2010. Application of slightly acidic electrolyzed water as a potential non-thermal food sanitizer for decontamination of fresh ready-to-eat vegetables and sprouts. Food Control. 22:601-607.
  7. Issa-Zacharia, A., Kamitani, Y., Muhimbula, S.H., Iwasaki, K. 2010. Antimicrobial effect of slightly acidic electrolyzed water for inactivation of Salmonella and Escherichia coli on fresh Strawberries (Fragaria L.). African Journal of Microbiology Research. 4:2174-2180.
  8. Abdulsudi Issa- Zacharia, Yoshinori Kamitani, S. Muhimbula and Bernadeta K,Ndabikunze: 2010 A review of microbiological safety of fruits and vegetables and the introduction of electrolyzed water as an alternative to Sodium hypochlorite solution. African Journal of Food Science.4 (13):778-789.


  1. Dr. D.M. Gimbi and Mrs H. Muhimbula: Mafuta yatokanayo na wanyama na mimea kwalishe na afya bora: Published by PANTIL (Programme for Agricultural and Natural Resources Transformation for Improved Livelihoods), Chuo Kikuu cha Sokoine cha Kilimo, 2010