Theresia Jumbe

Teddy 1Name: Theresia Jumbe; BSc., MSc., PhD

Title: Lecturer

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Areas of expertise: Nutrition Anatomy and Physiology, Clinical Nutrition, Information Technology & Applications in Nutrition, Micronutrient Nutrition

Research Interests: Development of nutrition programmes and agriculture programmes;Review of national multisectoral nutrition action plan (NMNAP) and evaluation of various nutrition projects; Development of various nutrition materials aiming at impacting behavior change;Development of nutrition sensitive research and development programmes 

Selected Research Projects

  1. Food Security, Adequate Care and Environment Quality: development and testing of eco-nutrition guidelines for community actions in the context of climate change in Malawi & Tanzania (Eco-Health Project). Funded by IDRC - Aimed at developing Eco- nutrition guidelines to assist rural African communities implement local, sustainable interventions aimed at improving livelihoods and nutrition while adapting to climate change. The project developed, implemented and evaluated the impact of specific interventions designed to enhance the diversity of the agricultural landscape in communities in Tanzania and Malawi.
  2. From Soil Elements to Food Nutrients: Improving The Nutrient Content Of Foods For Human Consumption Through Agriculture. Funded by USAID through Innovative Agriculture Research Initiative (iAGRI). Project aimed to elucidate the mechanisms of soil elements uptake by plants to make the nutrients needed for normal human physiological processes in the body.
  3. Agriculture to Nutrition (ATONU). Improving Nutrition Outcomes through Optimized Agricultural Interventions. Funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Project implemented nutrition sensitive interventions in selected areas in Tanzania aiming at improving dietary diversity of households with children below five years of age.
  4. Postdoctoral research on Local and Regional Variations In Conditions For Agriculture And Food Security- Tanzania-A Review of the literature in mapping opportunities that are there for farmers in order to improve food security. This review aimed at influencing policy review.
  5. Technical support in Development of Nutritional Guideline For MDR TB
  6. Technical support in Development of Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Action Plan (2016-2021)
  7. Technical support in Development of 11th European Development Fund (EDF) – Served as the only Nutrition Expert in formulation of Interventions for Tanzania in the Agriculture Sector (Horticulture) that will influence food and nutrition security in Tanzania.
  8. Participated in Mid Term Evaluation of the Accelerating Stunting Reduction Program (ASRP) in Tanzania.
  9. Technical support for Development of Evidence to support Food Based Dietary Guidelines for Tanzania, Zambia, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Rwanda.
  10. Technical support to HELVETAS on parboiled rice nutrient profiling and rapid market assessment. Nutrient profiling to compare levels of micronutrients in parboiled and non parboiled rice
  11. Technical Facilitator in the National Multisectoral Nutrition Action Plan (NMNAP) Mid Term Review
  12. Mapping of the Food Outlets and Green Spaces in Ilala and Kinondoni Municipal Councils – Dar-es-Salaam

Selected Publications

  1. Mamiro, P., Nyagaya M., Kimani P., Mamiro, D., Macha J., Chove, B., Jumbe T. (2011). Similarities in functional attributes and nutritional effects of magadi soda and bean debris-ash used in cooking African traditional dishes. African Journal of Biotechnology 10(7): 1181-1185.
  2. Mamiro, P., Jumbe T., Nyagaya M., Mamiro D., Ntwenya J. (2012). Contribution of minerals from bean leaves and green bean pods in meals consumed in east, south and central Africa. AJFAND Vol 12:5
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  4. Jumbe, T., Pickens A., Valentini K, Adjepong M., Li,W.,Kinabo J., and Fenton J. (2016). Evaluation of fatty acid and mineral content of Tanzanian seeds and oils. JFCA.
  5. Jumbe, T., Comstock S., Pontifex M., Harris W., Kinabo J., and Fenton J. (2016). Whole blood fatty acids are associated with executive function in Tanzanian children aged four to six years: a cross sectional study. BJN.
  6. Kinabo Joyce, Mamiro Peter, Dawkins Norma, Bundala Nyamizi, Mwanri Akwilina, Majili Zahra, Jumbe Teddy, Kulwa Kissa, Mamiro Delphina, Amuri Nyambilila, Ngowi Mariana and John Msuya (2016) Food intake and dietary diversity of farming households in Morogoro region, Tanzania. African Journal of Food Agriculture and Nutrition Development. 16 (4):11295-11309. DOI: 10.18697/ajfand.76.16045.
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