Become an expert in Animal, Aquaculture and Range management

The department offers 3 undergraduate programmes as follows:
1.Bachelor of Science in Animal Science (BSc. ANS)
BSc. Animal Science programme prepares graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge required to serve the animal industry in the country and worldwide in a variety of ways including fields of Animal Nutrition, Breeding, Pasture and Range management, Management of various species of domestic animals and processing and marketing of livestock products. 
Practical training is made through the use of two laboratories, a dairy cum research farm, poultry, rabbit, piggery and shoat unit is attached to the department.

It is believed that graduates of this programme meet the formal educational requirements for professional Animal Scientists.

2.Bachelor of Science in Aquaculture (BSc AQU)
BSc. Aquaculture programme produces graduates with profound knowledge and skills in Aquaculture and related fields to carter for sustainable growth of aquaculture sub-sector in Tanzania and beyond. The department has been striving to establish facilities for practical training for BSc. Aquaculture students. Currently, there are 10 earthen ponds stocked with tilapia and catfish, 100 concrete tanks for different types of experiments.

In addition there are two hatchery units one for tilapia and one for Catfish.

3.Bachelor of Science in Range Management (BSc. RAM)
BSc. Range management is practically oriented with intention of imparting skills to students so that they can be able to address problems of animal pasture and water and their associated conflicts in the country. 

Students are involved in solving practical cases in management of rangelands including skills to minimize land-based conflicts between users. 

Apart from tutorials, seminars, subject practical and assignments, students go for eight week comprehensive field practical training by being attached to various livestock research and training institutions, ranches, Livestock Multiplication units, Civil societies and long trip to the Maasai steppe in Kiteto and Kilindi Districts.