Applied Entomology


i. Course Title: CS 304 – APPLIED ENTOMOLOGY
ii. Course aim:
To impart students with knowledge and skills of insect pests management
iii. Course expected learning outcome (s)
By the end of the course, students should be able to:
• Identify, describe, compare and contrast major insect pests of crops.
• Describe bionomics of major insect pests of crops.
• Design pest management programs.
iv. Course status: Core
v. Credit rating: 8 Credits
vi. Total hours spent:
Lectures 24 hrs
Tutorial 05 hrs
Assignments 10 hrs
Independent Study 05 hrs
Practical 36 hrs

vii. Course content
Diversity of crop pests; crop losses due to insect pests and their assessment; Decision making in insect pest management; bionomics and identification of major insect pests; Management of insect pests: chemical methods, biological methods, physical methods, cultural methods; Integrated Pest Management.

Practical skills:
Formulation of Integrated Pest Management programs; Application of appropriate insect pest management technique; Apply decision tools for insect pest management; Utilization of insect pest management equipment.
viii. Teaching and learning activities
The course will be delivered through lectures, practical sessions, seminars/tutorials and independent study sessions

ix. Assessment methods
The course will be assessed by quizzes, assignments, seminar presentation reports, practical reports, practical tests, theory tests and end of semester University examination.

x. Reading list
CABI (2007). Crop protection compendium. Commonwealth Bureau of Agriculture International, Wallingford. A CDROM.
Dent D. R. (1997). Methods in ecology and agricultural entomology. CABI International, Wallingford.387pp.
Dent, D. (2000). Insect pest management (2nd edition) CABI publishing, Wallingford.410pp.
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