Agricultural Price Analysis


ii. Course Status: Elective
iii. Credit rating: 10 Credits
iv. Total hours Spent: 100 hours
Lecture 30 hours
Seminars/Tutorials 20 hours
Practical 20 hours
Assignment 10 hours
Independent Research 200 hours
Pre-requisites: AEA 101
v. Course Expected Learning outcomes:
By the end of the course students should be able to:
• Identify the causes of price differences and variability.
• Analyse agricultural price policy, institutions and linkages
vi. Course content:
Role of prices; Factors affecting the price of agricultural products and sources of information relating to production and demand factors, Price theory and market mechanism, Demand-supply-price relationships and elasticity concepts. Analysis of price differences and variability; marketing margins, price variations through time, price quality relationships, Spatial price relationships and general level of prices and the farm- non-farm price relationships. Introduction to empirical price analysis; Quantitative econometrics methods, construction and use of index numbers, time series analysis and coefficients of protection and comparative advantage (analysis of distortions and divergences).Agricultural price policy analysis.

Practical and seminars:
Practical and seminars will be conducted on selected topics