From the Head of Department (2)

busindeliWelcome to the Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development (DAECD). This is one of the six Departments in the College of Agriculture of the Sokoine University of Agriculture established in 1984.

The Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development formerly known as the Department of Agricultural Education and Extension (DAEE), was established in 1977. It offers programmes in agricultural extension at both undergraduate (BSc) and postgraduate (M.Sc. and PhD) levels. Our graduates are mainly employed as extension staff by the public extension service and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

Also others are employed as tutors and teachers in middle level colleges/institutes and secondary schools. Currently, there are twenty three academic members of staff and three non-academic members of staff. The Department is reputed for providing high quality education and skills to students besides undertaking innovative, creative and problem-solving researches in extension and agricultural innovations to ensure sustainable utilization and increased uptake of developed and promoted agricultural technologies among farming community members. It is dedicated to bring about scientific advancements and technological uptake in the fields of Agricultural Extension Education and Community Development. 

Recently, DAECD completed the review of the current B.Sc. Applied Agricultural Extension (AAE) programme tailored to meet the needs of mid-career front line agricultural extension staff. Furthermore, the process of reviewing the M.Sc. (Agricultural Education and Extension) has started and is expected to be finalized in due course. As was the case with the undergraduate programme this review is intended to develop a programme only focusing on Agricultural Extension. Efforts are also underway to launch a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Community Development which will be followed by developing a new Master programme on Community Economic Development.

The Department has already developed a BA in Community Development to be submitted to the higher authorities for approval. Additionally, the Department runs two kinds of PhD programmes (PhD by research another one by course work known as PhD programme in Agricultural and Rural Innovation Systems (ARIS).

Apart from participating in teaching, DAECD staff have been involved in various research and consultancy activities. Besides, through the Uluguru Mountains Agricultural Development Project (UMADEP) based in DAECD, staff have had opportunities to participate in out-reach activities mostly benefitting neighbouring communities. The project has also served as an important placement for practical training for our undergraduate students.

Innocent M. Busindeli, PhD
Head, Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development