Mr. Kenneth M. Mapunda

Ken Mapunda

Kenneth Mapunda is an assistant lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development. His specialization is in educational and social research. Kenneth teaches Introduction to Social Research and Introduction to Supervised Extension Projects. He currently coordinates the placement of students in field practical stations. Kenneth is a team member in the InnovAfrica project which experiments on brachiaria fodder in Rungwe District and Sorghum-Legume in Lindi District. He is also involved in the SUA-ICRISAT research initiative on youth realities, aspiration, and transition to adulthood which is currently ongoing in Songwe and Mtwara regions.


In terms of outreach, Kenneth has been working and is still working on the action research initiative between the College of Agriculture and Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania, which links undergraduate students from the College of Agriculture and farmers in doing participatory action research that aims to address farmers’ challenges. Kenneth holds a Bachelor of Philosophy and youth studies (CUEA-Nairobi); Bachelor of Education and Master of Education Research and Evaluation (CUEA-Nairobi)