Dr. R. Madaha presents in Birmingham UK

17th June 2020

IMG 20200619 WA0021Dr. Madaha has presented a paper online at the DSA Conference 2020. The international conference took place from June 16 to 19, 2020. The theme of the conference was, “New Leadership for Global Challenges Where and how leadership is emerging at global, regional and local levels to address critical issues?” Dr. Madaha's participation was sponsored by Development Studies Association of the UK. The title of the paper is “The Performance of Local governments in the delivery of Agricultural public services: the case of rural Tanzania”

Abstract of the Paper

The existing structure of Tanzanian local governments have not changed significantly as compared to the one established during the colonial British administration in 1950s. Using a case study approach, the article focuses on the effectiveness and efficiency of local government authorities in delivering public agricultural services in Tanzania. Overall, local governments, among other things, have failed to deliver public services effectively and efficiently in the agriculture sector as intended. Instead, they serve the interests of local elites including corrupt ones. For that reason, there is a call for a centralized welfare system with fewer amalgamated local governments to reduce expenses, rectify the shortfalls of the market economy in general and improve the performance of the local governments.  The paper contributes to the fields of local government, qualitative methodology and development studies.

Keywords: local government, qualitative methodology, corruption, agriculture, Tanzania in Sub-Saharan Africa