Fertilizer Broadcasting
Demonstration on how to broadcast phosphate fertilizers in rice fields during Farmers Field Schools in various villages in Kilombero, Mvomero and Morogoro Rural
Farmers in the class
Capacity building through farmers training on appropriate use of fertilizers and best agronomic practices for increased food crops productivity
Farmers reading Booklets
Reaching out the youth and women in through access to knowledge on appropriate fertilizer use in food crops production

Ensuring food security at household level and at national scale is the fundamental role of Agriculture in Tanzania. Agricultural food production in Tanzania is dominated by small scale farming system, characterized by small farm size, low input use, and employing about 70% of population, who reside in rural areas. Since independence and after the collapse of state owned farms, small scale farming has been the dependable source of food for majority of the population in Tanzania. Therefore achieving food security in the current agriculture sector requires that effort be placed in small scale farming. Sustainable food security can only be achieved if our soils are healthy, that is, with adequate and balanced nutrients for crop growth, soil organic matter, beneficial soil organisms and absence of physical barriers.
Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in collaboration with the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) reached out small scale farmers to bring about sustainable food production through appropriate use of fertilizers. Specifically, scaling up and out the use of locally available phosphorus fertilizer – Minjingu Phosphate in agricultural food production to increase productivity of crops, soil and water. The upscaling of Minjingu phosphate use is the result of success of research on Minjingo Rock Phosphate (MPR) for use in agriculture” initiated at the Department of Soil Science, SUA in collaboration with and University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, followed by extensive research in various research institutions in East Africa, which all proved that Minjingu Phosphate rock is of acceptable high quality for direct application in agricultural production. We are proud and honored to share the fruits of long term research on Minjingu Phosphate with the farming community of Tanzania and beyond.