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Senior Lecturer
Sokoine University of Agriculture
+255 767 315 329
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Miscellaneous Information:
Dr. Lucy Mlipano Chove is a graduate of the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Morogoro (BSc. Food Science and Technology (Hons), an MSc. (Distinction) in Food Technology and Nutrition from the University of Gent, Belgium and a Ph.D. from the University of Reading, UK. Lucy is currently employed as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Food Science and Technology at SUA, Morogoro in Tanzania. Besides lecturing undergraduate and postgraduate students in various courses including Dairy technology, Technology of Fruits and Vegetables, Food analysis and instrumentation, Food safety and quality assurance, she has a wide practical experience in all aspect of food processing, preservation and nutrition, sensory evaluation and product development. Lucy has also supervised many special projects and masters dissertations in various areas of Food Science and Technology. She has also participated in several outreach activities including training Small and Medium Food Processors in hygienic food handling and value addition in milk as well as fruits and vegetables. She is also involved in consultancies for various groups and organisations, the latest one being “Feasibility Study of Milk marketing in Mlandizi, Pwani, Tanzania”. 
Lucy is also actively involved in research, some of which include:
(1) Exploiting market opportunities for value added dairy products- a project funded by ASARECA. Some important aspects in the project include the implementation of milk feeding programme to some selected primary schools in Morogoro municipality and training of milk processors and dairy farmers on hygienic milk handling and on improved technologies.
(2) She trained farmer’s groups and associations in milk hygiene, safety and quality assurance.
(3) She has a wide experience in dairy technology having carried out a number of research activities including:-
       (a) the use of lactoperoxidase enzyme in milk shelf life extension (project funded by NORAD)
       (b) Fabrication and Laboratory testing of pilot model in-plastic sachet milk pasteurisation unit for small scale milk processing for rural areas (Project funded by NORAD)
       (c) Isolation and characterisation of Lactic acid bacteria from naturally fermented milk. A project funded by NORAD
       (d) Promotion of honey consumption through flavouring with three types of non-alcoholic beverages and honey. A project funded by FOCAL
       (e) Detection of proteolysis in milk- a study which awarded her a PhD. 


Area of Specilaization.

Food processing, preservation and nutrition, Sensory evaluation and Product development