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Associate Professor
Sokoine University of Agriculture
+255 754 397700 or + 255 783 206433
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Miscellaneous Information:
Prof. Bernadette K. Ndabikunze is a graduate of the University of Dar- es- Salaam (BSc. Agric. (Hons) with specialization in Food Science and Technology, MSc. and PhD from the University of Helsinki, Finland and Agricultural University of Norway respectively in Food Science. Dr. Ndabikunze is currently employed as Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Consumer studies. Besides lecturing undergraduate and postgraduate students since 1984 in food hygiene, product development, food analysis, sensory evaluation of foodstuffs and food packaging she has wide practical experience in all aspect of food hygiene, processing and nutrition, product development and Small and medium food processor training.
Immediate research projects being carried out by Dr. Ndabikunze include:
(1). Dissemination of fruit and vegetable processing, preservation and product development technologies; bee keeping, honey handling and processing, to small and medium food processors in The Coast, Tanga, Iringa, and Morogoro regions in Tanzania.
(2). Improving post-harvest handling and product development of indigenous forest fruits in Tanzania.
(3). Exploiting market opportunities for value added dairy products- a project funded by ASARECA. Some important aspects in the project include the implementation of school milk feeding programme to some selected primary schools in Morogoro municipality.
(4). She assisted the Principal Investigator of a regional collaborative project on validation of mango, passion and amaranths technology for commercialization funded by ASARECA.
(5). Project leader on validation of baobab powder as gelling agent in pectin-deficient fruit jam manufacture for commercial exploitation.
(6). Empowering women to participate in the higher level of fruit and vegetables value chain through production of dried products and.
(7). Development of Enterprise for Solar drying of fruits and vegetables: Assessing Market Opportunities An incubator with solar drying facilities in place.
(8). She has carried out a consultancy for FINIDA on home economic programmes in secondary and other tertiary institutions in Tanzania.
Other consultancies carried out include among others mushroom production and processing in Tanzania for the University of Helsinki, Finland and consultancy on the processing and packaging of honey and beeswax for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania. Also she carried out a feasibility study on cassava, maize and Sorghum processing in 3 provinces in Rwanda. Prof. Bernadette is a councillor of National Consumer Advocacy Council in Tanzania. She was also a board member of Morogoro Urban Water and Sewerage Authority (MORUWASA) for three years (2010 to 2013). She is a member of IRRI Board of Trustees. She chairs the technical committee of sensory evaluation of Tanzania Bureau of Standards. Also she is a Coordinator of Administration for Bureau for Agricultural Consultancy and Advisory Services of Sokoine University of Agriculture and an active member of several professional societies and organizations in her area of interest. She has published several papers in her area of specialization.


Area of Specilaization.

Food hygiene, Processing and Nutrition, Product development and Small and medium food processor training