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Miscellaneous Information:
Prof. Henry Laswai holds a Ph.D in Food Science (Univ. of Reading, UK), MSc. in Food Science (Univ. of Reading UK), BSc. in Agriculture (Univ. of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania).  His areas of specialization and interests include Food chemistry and safety, post-harvest loss management,  food processing and presrvation, and product development of underutilized cereals, legumes, roots and tubers. He is a member of several national food and nutrition, Food and Nutrition Association of Tanzania (FONATA) (Member), AFDC 16 Cereals, Legumes and Their Products, TBS (Chairman), EAC Cereals, Legumes and Their Products, EAC (Chairman), Food Science and Nutrition Network for Africa, (Member), Faraja Trust Fund, (Board Member), National Food Fortification Alliance (Steering Committee Member), Fisheries Education and Training Agency (Board Chairman) and African Organization for Standardization (ARSO THC 02) (Chairman)
Prof Laswai is currently involved in lecturing both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the department, research projects and outreach activities. He has supervised to completion five PhDs, eighteen MSc and 6 PhDs and 3 MSc still ongoing. About 211 Undergraduate Special projects already supervised to completion. Moreover, Prof. Laswai has published more forty international journal articles, sixty seven conference papers, two chapters in books and eleven booklets and leaflets.. Contact:


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Area of Specilaization.

 Food chemistry and safety, Post-harvest loss Management,  Processing and preservation, of underutilized crops: cereals, legumes, roots and tubers