Associate Professor
Sokoine University of Agriculture
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Miscellaneous Information:
Prof. Jovin K. Mugula holds a Ph.D in Food Science (Norway), MSc. in Food Technology (UK), BSc. in Agriculture (Tanzania).  His areas of specialization and interests include food safety, complementary food fermentation and preservation; surveillance and effect of processing on mycotoxins (currently carrying out collaborative research with Michigan State University, University of Florida and Ohio University); value addition, diversification and commercialization of underutilized cereals and legumes by extrusion and bio-enrichment; technology incubation and promotion of public-private-partnerships. He is a member of several national food safety committees, including the National Food Safety Coordinating Committee; National Steering Committee on Mycotoxin Control; Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) Microbiological Specifications of Foods Technical Committee and, TBS Alcoholic Beverages Technical Committee. In addition to lecturing, research and outreach, he coordinates food science and technology undergraduates’ industrial training and coordinates post graduate training in the Department. He has published more than twenty international journal articles, compendium and booklets, and he has been a principal investigator of several regional projects funded by developing partners. Contacts:


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(1)“ Use of biosciences for value addition and diversification to enhance commercialization of sorghum and millet products in Eastern Africa” (Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda) Principal Investigator of Regional Project under Bio-resources Innovations Network for Eastern Africa Development (BIO-INNOVATE) Program  funded by SIDA - Principal Investigator
(2) “Harnessing the Commercial Potential of Indigenous Malted and Fermented Cereal Products (in Tanzania and Uganda)East African Regional Program and Research Network for Biotechnology, Biosafety and Biotechnology Policy Development-Innovation Fund (BIOEARN-IF) Program Project 7  funded by SIDA -- Principal Investigator.
(3) Collaborative Project to Investigate Consumer Preferences for Selected  Sorghum and Millet products in SADC Region of Africa. Project funded by the European Union (CEC STD 3* Contract T83 CT94-0267).
(4) Transfer of bio-enrichment technologies for preparation of low-cost complementary foods and protection of resultant intellectual property.  e Innovation Fund project under the Programme for Agricultural and Natural Resources Transformation for Improved Livelihoods (PANTIL) supported by the Norwegian Government- Principal Investigator.

Area of sepecilaization

Food safety, Complementary food Fermentation and preservation; Surveillance and Effect of processing on mycotoxins